Voice Actor Resume

I am a Multi-talented Voice Actor from Akron, Ohio.
I have over 9 years of voice acting experience and have been featured in various online materials
such as, video games, web-series, audio dramas, songs, and even a handful of short films.

As a voice actor my goal is to help bring to life characters and stories that will leave listeners
connected, engaged and questioning the meaning of everything around them.
To make something not just a story but a life lesson
that will inspire into the future and that people will carry on with them
long after the character and story has died off.

My goal as a voice actor isn’t to act, but to bring to life that in which deserves to be their own;
but can’t be without a human voice to company it.

Range: Medium Low to high
Song Range: Alto to Mezzo-Soprano
Age Range: Infants to adult women
Accents: North American, Southern

Available for both paid and non-paid work check out Commission Rates here for more details!

You can see my full resume and qualifications by clicking the link down below.

Ashley Eddy Voice Actor Resume