Video Portfolio

Video Portfolio

Breathe Again

I had the honor of being a pivotal character voice throughout the film and became the driving force for the main character.
I didn’t even know that my voice was going to be used in the film until it was completed.




UnTown is one of the most popular animated series I’ve been involved with to this day
and the one that I’m best known for but, I have been in many other animations.



Video Games

Animation and short films aren’t the only projects I’ve done voice over work in,
I’ve also been the voice of many video game characters. These are just some of the ones that have been completed.




I have had the privileged of being apart of several great machinima series using a variety of different games to great stories. You can click the link below for a full list.



Sims Series

Sims series were the first projects I had ever gotten the chance to voice act in. Over the years I watched the quality of these series get better and better and am so proud to have been in such a large selection of great entertainment.