Video Game Voice Acting – PYRO – ILLUSION (Five Nights at Roxy’s)

Gaming Voice Acting – PYRO-ILLUSION (Five Nights at Roxy’s)

Role: Truddy
Directed By: DDEMKOO @ddemkoo
Release Date: 2019
Progress: In production

A fan made Five Nights at Freddy’s game, made by DDEMKOO
Links: YouTube — Twitter — Discord — Trailer — gameJolt

Fazbear Entertainment closed down due to unclear reasons. Going bankrupt? Left aside? Bad reputation? Succession of accidents? Missing children?
Many years after still, the rumors and mysteries have been picking minds and attracting people’s attention. This may explain the huge overnight success of the child-friendly “Roxy and Friends Pizza World”, since the owners spent a big fortune on being able to use THE original robotic structures from the old restaurant.

Therefore, with this great opportunity, Roxy Loxy’s band is here to amaze kids and grown-ups with a marvelous paradise, set ablaze the sparkling atmosphere, beyond what you could ever imagine!

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