Video Game Voice Acting – 9th Gate

Gaming Voice Acting – The 9th Gate

Role: Kim
Directed By: Spacepup Entertainment
Release Date: Oct 17, 2018
Progress: Complete


This is a survival horror game where you must search a presumed abandoned apartment for nine cursed dolls and destroy them in a ritual circle to save the girl.

Spirits, both wandering and hostile will get in your way and with each doll destroyed, expect more of the dangerous ones to appear!

Use your wits and whatever courage you can muster to find these dolls. This is not a game for the faint of heart.

Expect the unexpected for the game studies your movement and will surprise you when you least expect it. Was the sound you just heard a spirit or just the wind? You’ll be kept guessing. No two experiences will be the same!

Sense the by listening for their presence. Observe them by looking at them with your phone’s camera. Avoid their capture by staying silent and out of their sights. They CAN see you when you use the camera and some will even hear you!

Atmospheric and haunting. Putting the horror and challenge back in horror survival games. Can you rescue the girl before your time runs out?

Buy this game and you will get:
– immersive horror experience
– dynamic enemies and procedural generated scares
– parkour style running and avoiding ghosts in a haunted apartment
– heavy use of a mobile phone as a tool to see the undead and hear for cursed dolls
– 9 different spirits with unique behaviors that you will learn to overcome
– more new spirits and features that are added over time!
– our undying support to fix issues and keep bringing in new content over time!

The developers describe the content like this:This game contains blood effect and visual imagery of undead/ghosts

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