The Mafia Boss – Sims Series Animation – Voice Over Series

Sims Series Voice Acting- Desolation

Role: Queen Lyndia
Directed By: Aηgεレßεαm19
Release Date: Dec 1, 2015-Jul 4, 2017
Progress: On Going

Violet Monroe is an average high school girl from District 3 (Low Class) who lives with her mother and two younger siblings. Her days are always the same. She takes care of her sibling, go to school, then to her part-time job at the Flower Shop then heads goes to bed. She finds her life very monotone and boring and often wishes for something interesting, new and exciting would happen her life. If she knew how bad things could turn out just by meeting Caius Lucius Neigé the most influential person in Avalon, the Governor of District 1 and the Crown Prince she probably would have never wished for anything. Her life gets even more complicated when she saves a mysterious man who seems to be a homeless person at first glance.

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