Simsville – Sims Series Animation – Voice Over Series

Sims Series Voice Acting- Simsville

Role: Dina
Directed By: SimmerJonny
Release Date: Nov 22, 2016-Mar 5, 2019
Progress: On Going

Episode One

Welcome to Simsville. We all know & love the Goth family, but do we really know their story? Delve into their world as we explore the joy and heartbreak of living a Sims life!

Episode Two

“Strangers Are Strange”:
Mortimer grows increasingly concerned when his wife, Bella, doesn’t return home. Meanwhile, two new neighbours arrive in the neighbourhood and give Mortimer a run for his money.

Episode Three

“What Ya Drinkin’?”:
Mortimer is approached by a stranger who could potentially know what happened to Bella. But the mystery only deepens.

Episode Four

“A Friend”:
Mortimer gains a new friend who joins the search for Bella.

Episode Five

Things take a dark turn in Simsville… Things will never be the same again…