OnLive – Machinima Animation – Voice Over Series

Machinima – OnLive (Leila)

Role: Leila
Directed By: BroadcastMachinima
Release Date: Dec 4, 2014 – Jan 12, 2016
Progress: On Going

[Episode One: Reaction]

Tyler and Brian find themselves amidst great adversity as they maneuver through a dystopian augmented reality Xbox Live.

[Episode Two: Glance]

After stumbling upon a vicious attack against a superintendent, Brian and Tyler race to get to the bottom of the situation. Trouble brews afoot for new faces, as paths cross and lives change.

[Episode Three: Macabre]

Gregory and Joseph cause unexpected trouble, as a storm brews afoot throughout the Xbox Live community.

[Episode Four: Mayday Part: 1]

Chaos unravels as Tyler and Brian are thrown in the midst of war.

[Episode Five: Mayday Part: 2]

The superintendents make their stand, as they attempt to intercept the hacker threat before it’s too late. Meanwhile, loyalty exchanges as chaos erupts.

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