Feature Films

Voice Acting In Feature Films

In this indie film, I was cast as the voice of Ethan. Although I am not
physically there I am very glad that I got to help bring this film to life.

The Answers

While my features in this film are small, they do play a role in helping to tell the story of a man
searching for answers after his untimely death and I’m proud to showcase that in my portfolio.

Breathe Again

I had the honor of being a pivotal character voice throughout the film and became the driving force for the main character.
I didn’t even know that my voice was going to be used in the film until it was completed.

The Visit

The Visit is a short horror film by Aaron Hurt that features some of my voice clips from freesound.org starting at 2:25 in the video.
Even though the film is only three minutes and thirty-eight seconds in length, it packs a lot of scares into those few minutes.


A very interesting piece that happens to feature quite a bit of my voice work!
The majority of the gasps and female sounds are actually yours truly!

The Elevator Game — Who’s There Film Challenge 2013

In yet another film project that I’m happy to be a part of, my voice overs were used
in this Short Film Challenge to increase and intensify the already creepy ambiance of the film.


I was contacted directly for this beautiful piece!
Had a lot of fun helping bring this to life with my voice as much as I could.

These little fluffy secrets – short horror movie

Got to lend my voice to this fun horror short. Although not extremely noticeable
all voice and sound work helps create the world you see on screen.