Desolation – Sims Series Animation – Voice Over Series

Sims Series Voice Acting- Desolation

Role: Piper Johnson
Directed By: Teıяα
Release Date: Aug 28, 2012-Jul 28, 2018
Progress: On Going
The world hasn’t seen light in years. People describe hell as being a place where demons lurk, people suffer, and pain is never ending. I believe Hell has risen to the grounds we walk on, no longer beneath us, it has engulfed us. I was never one to be religious, until I saw this. Satan has to exist. No God would do such horrific things. I am one of the only ones left. My family is gone. My city is gone. My everything is gone. To my disbelief, I am still alive to write this. Why God has left me here to suffer, I will never understand. I do know that I will spend the rest of my days desperately searching for the cure to the X Virus. That’s what the scientists called it. There was no reason behind this virus. People didn’t have symptoms. There were no traces of any infection in their blood. Just as soon as they turned eighteen, they awake to their minds seemingly infested with someone else’s thoughts. They would have moments of clarity, where they would see all the damage they caused, then return to the vile demons in their subconscious. there is no mercy here.

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