City B!tch – Sims Series Animation – Voice Over Series

Sims Series Voice Acting- City B!tch

Role: Robin
Directed By: theElonianCass
Release Date: Sep 15, 2015
Progress: Finished

‘City B!tch’ tells the story of April – a young woman who had her life turned upside down after finding out her boyfriend is sleeping with her soon-to-be roommate Zoe, an amoral and irresponsible party girl. The two of them form an unlikely friendship when Zoe, who usually finds other women boring, discovers that she genuinely likes April and tries to be both protective and helpful in her own borderline sociopathic ways.

DISCLAIMER: ‘Apartment 23’ belongs to ABC and its rightful owners. Please visit their pages and support them accordingly! ‘CityB!’ Is an adaptation created with the sole purpose of introducing a new audience to the show. No profits are made from this production & has only entertaining prospects – please don’t sue me.

Episode One “Pilot

Episode Two “Daddy Issues”

How will April react to Zoe’s devious setup? Will Scott fight for her or move on? Let’s find out!

Episode Three “Mean Games”

Episode Four “It’s Just Murder”

Episode Five “Dating Lies”

Episode Six “Parent Hazards”