Animation Voice Acting

Animation Voice Acting


UnTown is a Flash-animated web series created by PallidCrest.
It mainly focuses on 3 children and there crazy supernatural adventures. I perform the character voice of Colette.



CURSE – The Animation

Animated characters use their “Curse” as a special power instead of a crutch
as they battle to the death in a futuristic world. I perform the character voice of Chloe.



[Project: Unknown]

Rebel and Addyson awake to find themselves in a futuristic world run by “Meta” humans with no idea how they got there.
Created and animated by Cassiroll I got to play Rebels childhood friend, Blue.



Galaxy Police Squad – Episode 1

An Animated Series about a police squad in the future that is centered in a far away galaxy.
I perform the character voice of Lt. Cuddle Puppy.


League of Dweebs

League of Dweebs is an Animated Series made by iLie AboutCake based on the League of Legends.
Basically, a parody of the League of Legends. I perform the character voice of Lana.



Animation Shorts

This is a collection of one shot animations that I have had the chance to lend my voice to. Click READ MORE to see the full list of Shorts.