Animation Voice Acting – UnTown

Animation Voice Acting – UnTown

Role: Colette
Directed By: PallidCrest
Release Date: Oct 26, 2014- Aug 17, 2018
Progress: On Going

Episode 1(redux)- First Day of Unreed

On a strange day, a young boy moves to the miscellaneous Town of Unreed along with his father. Once in, the boy faces a plane crash towards his home with him in it and somehow survives. What would that mean from that moment to the rest of his life? A Kite, Bunny, rubber goose, and an annoying red head that gets names wrong? We shall see!

Episode 2- Vortail Manor

(I took over Colette After Episode 3)
Nace has been in town for a week and is starting to get more along with his new friends (Craig and Kelsey). On this episode they stay at the park just to have an ordinary hang out session while it is Saturday. However a kid named Elrick challenges Craig and his friends to go to the abandoned “Vortail Manor” for the sake of retrieving a gaming console. What might be in this Mansion? Lets find out!

Episode 3- The Cat can’t Kelsey

(I took over Colette After Episode 3)
The days will get much stranger as Nace realizes his duty. On a sunday after the Vortail manor adventure, Kelsey has a stand alone day where she wanted to relax. But from the stories of Kelsey and her friends being heard by Kelsey’s parents, they don’t think its a good idea to be friends with them anymore. Kelsey’s Parents tell Kelsey of a new kid down the street that the arrange to be Kelsey’s new friend. How will this turn out with her new friend?

Episode 4- School Blackout

More than several days have past, and Nace still hasn’t completed any of his homework, especially most students in his class. By the time it is revealed they haven’t completed it, things start to heat up, but suddenly the whole School starts to darken. What could this be? Find out on this episode!

Episode 5- Unreed’s Merman

On a slightly warm weekend down in the Unreed Bay, a festival is made to celebrate the coming of The “Unreed Winged Merman”, and a photo competition starts for Unreeds Townsfolk. Nace wants to enter but decides to help out the Twins instead for the sake of their Nana. Meanwhile Spokeniss is up to no good… again.

Episode 6- Saving the Towers

In a mid evening day in Unreed Middle school, An assembly is brought to celebrate the mysterious coming of famous Singer “Sarah Towers”. But right before she could sing, her song is foiled by Police officers. What could have she done?

Episode 7- Better than him

During a time of anger, frustration and denial from Spokeniss, Spokeniss just wants a friend for the upcoming Unreed fair event. However Spokeniss meets a friendly boy named Untwon who wants nothing more but the best for him, but does Spokeniss see it? And also does the Town see it? Find out in this great UnTown episode!

Episode 8- Party of Darkness

On a day in the weekend, Skylar has been finding new ways to power the Lecton chamber to it’s full extent and destroy the wall in his way(Nace). From devouring Obly the plant Skylar has obtained new abilities being able to possess lives and control bodies while still having half of his power. And with his true power being what is holding him back to escaping the Lecton Barrier, half of his power he CAN ESCAPE! Ohhh boy…. I wonder what doom comes for our heroes on this episode…

Episode 9- The Orange Twist

On this episode of UnTown, following from the events of episode 8, Gruffy tells Nace and co about the portal to a powerful dimension known as the “Arlin Tree”. According to Henry the only people who can enter the portal to the Arlin Tree is people with Klytex abilities. Craig hears this and is on a search trip to get Klytex Powers. How might that go?

Episode 10- Grace to Nace

On a quiet Saturday, Pedal receives advice from her brother Rico about how to talk to Nace, Pedal takes it in and goes to find him. Mean while Nace realizes some fishy things about Untwons appearance and goes to get to the bottom of things.

Episode 11- The Arlin Tree

Leaving off on the night of Nace’s first kiss on the cheek, Gruffy leads him and his friends to the scientist who will help them find the portal to the mysterious dimension known as “The Arlin Tree”. But by being there… Will their time getting stronger server them well? Find out on this episode of UnTown!


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