Animation Voice Acting Shorts

Animation Voice Acting – Shorts

Sakura(Street Fighter Z)

Role: Sakura
Directed By: Kel-chan
Release Date: May 17, 2013
​Progress: Completed

In this Short Film Animation Parody, Street Fighters, Chun Li and Sakura work out together
and Chun Li displays the importance of proper training.

Krampus: Home for the Holidays

Role: Female
Directed By: TraineeArtist
Release Date: Dec 22, 2018
​Progress: Completed

‘Krampus: Home for the Holidays’ is about a girl traveling home on a train one cold winters night, when she’s given a visit by a certain evil presence…


Role: Female
Directed By: Agnieszka Agnes Wojcik
Release Date: 2017
​Progress: Completed

Basically it’s a revisited story from my 2D animation class semester assignment from 2013. I won’t upload it, it’s horrible, I was just learning Illustrator and After Effects back then. One day I started to wonder what would happen if I’d remake it in 3D. That thought mixed with tons of tutorials and stubbornness and the final product is this movie.

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