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Sims Series Voice Acting- Alone

Role: Grandmother
Detective Johnson
Directed By: SimmerJonny
Release Date: Feb 27, 2015-Jan 20, 2017
Progress: Remade
Centers on the adventures of a seemingly normal girl who lives a quiet, uneventful life in the secluded seaside town of Easthaven. However, she soon unknowingly discovers amazing supernatural powers. After a series of terrifying events, Jill realizes that in fact, she is a powerful being that even she, is wary of.

Season One

Episode One “Birthday Surprise

Centers on the adventures of a seemingly normal girl who lives a quiet, uneventful life in the secluded seaside town of Easthaven. However, she soon unknowingly discovers amazing supernatural powers. After a series of terrifying events, Jill realizes that in fact, she is a powerful being that even she, is wary of.

Episode Two “Suspicious Minds”

Jill tries to get her head around the previous night’s events and looks to Max for emotional support. Meanwhile, a Detective is keen to find out what happened to Ricky.

Episode Three “The Truth Hurts”

Max pushes Jill for answers about Ricky, but can he handle the truth? Things get worse for Jill when Detective Johnson steps up her investigation.

Episode Four “Trial By Fire”

After an ordinary mugging, Jill inadvertently discovers an interesting new ability and finds out how she can use it to help others. Especially when she encounters a serial arsonist, who too possess supernatural powers. Meanwhile, Detective Johnson meets a mysterious individual who ensures her they can work together to uncover Jill’s secret.

Episode Five “The Great Ice Robbery”

Jill and Max grow closer which prompts him to make a life changing decision about their future.
Meanwhile, other individuals with abilities emerge and hold a heist at a bank, just as Max is making a withdrawal. Also, Jill goes onto search for answers about her powers, and Conrad Green makes his presence known as he warns Jill of things to come. Made with The Sims 4.

Episode Six “Go For The Heart”

Jill and Max research into the background of the deadly arsonist, and soon start to uncover some startling revelations about the allusive Sci-Tex Corporation. Meanwhile, Conrad Green is put under pressure from his superior to move forward with his plans.

Episode Seven “Journey’s End Part One”

After the shocking events that took place last time, Max wakes up to discover Conrad and co have kidnapped Jill and taken her back to Sci-Tex. What will they do with her? Meanwhile, Max is offered a helping hand from an unlikely source, but at what price?

Episode Eight “Journey’s End Part Two”

Can Max bring Jill back from the brink or has he lost her forever? More importantly, what does Ruban have up his sleeve and who will pay the ultimate sacrifice? Find out in the season one finale!

Season Two

Episode One “Lost & Found”

The deal is done. Max is gone. Jill is alone. But can she fight for her love and discover a way to bring him back? Meanwhile, a new face emerges and points the finger of blame directly towards Jill.

Episode Two “Dead On Arrival”

Jill barely has time to mourn over Max when a malevolent ghost begins to haunt the house. At the same time Mary-Ann looks for revenge, but ends up embroiled in the ghostly goings on. Can they both put aside their differences and work together to banish the spirit back to where it came from?

Episode Three “Heart Of Darkness”

The diner is hosting a speed dating event, much to Jill’s dismay. Meanwhile, a mysterious creature is causing havoc as eligible men around town are found dead. Max is still buried deep within a coma and Jill tries to build bridges with Mary-Ann.

Episode Four “Mad House”

The mysterious Mrs X puts her devilish plan into action while Jill attempts to help a Mother whose children have turned against her, resulting in a terrifying fight for survival.

Episode Five “Masked & Dangerous”

The fraudster continues to imitate Max and infiltrate the Sutherland household, but is Jill safe? Meanwhile, some forgotten memories come back to haunt Mary-Ann, in a rather unsettling manner.

Episode Six “Who is Conrad Green?”

It’s a race against time as Mary-Ann’s life hangs in the balance. Jill is aided by a former Sci-Tex employee who assures her he holds the key to Mary-Ann’s cure. Meanwhile, Mrs X makes a surprising find, which elevates her evil plan to a whole new level. Is Jill about to make the biggest mistake of her life?

Episode Seven “Wedding Planner”

Seeds of doubt begin to sow in Jill’s mind when she notices Max’s behaviour become increasingly erratic. Also, Max’s sister arrives in town, insisting on helping with the wedding plans, but will this blow the fraudster’s cover?

Episode Eight “Alone at the Altar Part One”

It’s the day of the Wedding, and with Mary-Ann’s new found discovery, will she be able to warn Jill in time? After Max finally regains consciousness, he is shocked to discover what has happened in his absence. Will he stop the nuptials before it’s too late?

Episode Nine “Alone at the Altar Part Two”

​It’s the day of the Wedding, everything is set, or is it? Max is awake, bent on putting a stop to this evil orchestrated fiasco. But will he be able to convince Jill he’s the real deal, or will she make the biggest mistake of her life?

Episode Ten”The Kindness of Strangers”

Max has skipped town and Jill spirals out of control. Meanwhile, Mrs X receives a visit from an old friend, who brings some rather unsettling news. Jill continues to blame herself for Max’s departure, and Mary-Ann tries her hardest to bring her back from the brink.

Episode Eleven “Power Play”

Season 2 Finale: Jill is guilt ridden about her actions the previous night, but her new flame assures her it’s genuine. Mrs X desperately tries to figure out what to do next and resurrects an old face from the past to help her. Are things about to get a whole lot worse for Jill?

Season Three

Episode One “Bad Company Part One”

Still recovering from her recent discovery, Jill is unsure about which path to take, but her worries are soon put into perspective when some unwelcome guests arrive in town. Meanwhile, Russell attempts to explain what happened to Mary-Ann.

Episode Two Bad “Company Part Two”

Blackmail is the theme of the day for Jill as things go from bad to worse. Especially when the stakes are raised in the form of her friend’s lives. Can she turn her back on her own morals and do what’s asked of her?

Episode Three “Flames of Revenge”

An old face from the past re-emerges and has his sights set on Mary-Ann, unfinished business perhaps? Meanwhile, Jill and Russell attempt to give their relationship a fresh start.on.

Episode Four “Crossroads”

Max returns to town to find Jill moving on with her life, but he’s not convinced everything is as it seems. Mary-Ann digs into the risky business of the demon hunters and discovers something dangerous and shocking.

Episode Five “Judgement Day”

Jill has a monumental decision to make and is forced to come clean about her situation to Max, which has bigger consequences than she first thought.

Episode Six “The Otherside”

Max cannot forgive Jill for her betrayal, which in turn causes her to react in an uncharacteristic manner and gives in to a side of herself that she never knew she had. Mrs X feels guilty about her actions, and flees home to England.

Episode Seven “To The Grave”

Jill gives in to the attractive lure of the dark side and comes after her friends, putting them in grave danger!

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